Roman amber beads, rare

1st - 2nd century AD

Roman amber beads, rare
Roman amber beads, rare
Roman amber beads, rare
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Collection of 3 rare Roman amber amulet beads.

Maximum size: 25 mm
Total weight: 5,63 g
Amber was a very popular commodity in the Roman period. The Amber Road transported the 'gold of the north' for thousands of years from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean area.

Pliny the Elder mentions in his works how highly the transparent, red and most of all the golden yellow colour was appreciated in Ancient Rome. His statement gives us an indication of how much amber was valued: "the price of a figurine in amber, however small, exceeded that of a living slave'.

The hair of Poppea, wife of Emperor Nero, was described as having the colour of amber. Other ladies of Nero's court dyed their hair to match the colour of the Emperor's favourite.

Amber beads or amulets were very popular and attributed with healing and protective properties, It was also believed that amber provided fertility. Some Romans carried amber beads and rubbed them in their hands for strength or to calm the nerves.
Ancient & Roman beads
Every authentic ancient bead is slightly different in shape or colour shade and shows different signs of wear or the passing of time (iridescence). This adds to the charm of each piece and makes every composition unique.
Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request (pdf-format).


Period Roman
Category Ancient Jewellery
Material Amber
Country Roman Empire