Guide - How to care for Ancient & Roman jewellery

We are often asked how to take care or clean a piece of jewellery with ancient or Roman glass.

The composition of glass causes it to react chemically with any moisture, skin oil or cleaning liquids that touches the glass. Over time this can cause discolouration or loss of the iridescent appearance.

The following tips can help to keep the glass in excellent condition.

- keep it dry: do not shower, swim or wear the jewellery during a heavy workout.

- avoid contact with all chemicals: perfume, soap, hand/body lotion, hairsprays etc. Put on your jewellery as the finishing touch before going out.

- after wearing carefully gently wipe any loose dirt collected on the surface with a dry soft cloth.

- if the metal setting, hooks or clasps appear dull use a dry cloth or silver cleaning cloth to gently wipe the metal parts while avoiding the glass.

- store the jewellery in a dark and dry place. All our beaded jewellery is delivered in special jewellery boxes (when size permits). These boxes have protective foam and do not contain tarnish-accelerating chemicals.

With some common sense and proper care your Roman glass jewellery can survive and be passed down and treasured by future generations.