Rhineland, Bataviri, rainbow cup (regenboogschoteltje)

75-25 BC

Rhineland, Bataviri, rainbow cup (regenboogschoteltje)
Rhineland, Bataviri, rainbow cup (regenboogschoteltje)
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Article code17-1772
Obverse: Triskeles within wreath.
Reverse: Pyramid of eight annulets: five annulets (bottom row), each enclosing a pellet; three double rings forming the top two rows. Zigzag border around.

Weight: 5,63 g

Material: electrum (on average this type contains around 13% gold, 82% silver and 5% copper).
This coin is found in the Netherlands and is officially registered with PAN (Portable Antiquities Netherlands). The registration details will be supplied to the buyer.

"Rainbow cup" (also "regenboogschoteltje" in Dutch or "Regenbogenschüsselchen" in German)  is the numismatic term for these bowl-shaped convex coins of the Celts.

Features and Specifications

Period Celtic
Category Coins
Material Electrum, Gold, Silver