How do I order from your website ?
Order the item(s) of your interest by clicking on the shopping cart which is shown on the item's description page. The item will be added to the shopping cart (left side menu or top right of your screen). Click 'Continue shopping' if you want to add more items.
When finished adding items to your cart click on 'Proceed to order'.
  • Step 1 - Shipping and Payment: select your country
    - Depending on your country, weight and value of your order, 'Delivery method' will list your shipping options.
    - Depending on your country and delivery method, 'Payment method' will list available payment options.
    - If you have a Coupon Discount code then you can enter your code 'Coupon Discount'.
    - Order with login if you have created one, or continue to order without an account by clicking on 'Proceed to order'.
  • Step 2 - Your Data:
    The total amount of your order, including delivery and payment fees will be displayed. If you are logged in, check if your personal details are still correct and continue. If you do not have created your personal account you can enter your address details here. You must read and accept the general sales conditions before you can 'Proceed to order'.
  • Step 3 - Summary of your order
    Check if your order is complete and all information is correct, then click on the 'Send order' button or go 'Back' to make changes. By clicking on the 'Send order' button you are ordering with an obligation to pay (in accordance with EU Consumer Rights Directive.
  • Step 4 - Confirmation
    We will send you a message confirming the availability of your ordered item(s), usually within 24 hours. After the order is confirmed you can proceed with your payment.

Should you prefer to order by telephone or email, you can fill in our contact form or find further contact details in the pdf-file. We have chosen to place these details in a pdf-file in order to prevent our email address to be harvested for spamming.

Can I pay in US dollar or other currencies ?
All our prices are in Euro. For buyers outside the Euro zone it is best to use PayPal for the payment. PayPal wil automatically convert the necessary amount into Euros. For larger amounts a bank transfer is the safest and quickest solution.

Can I visit you to view the items ?
No, we do not have a shop. After the item is processed for viewing on the online catalog it is put away in storage and can not be viewed.
We are present at various auctions, exhibitions and fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of arranging a meeting.

Return policy
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return the item within 14 days. The buyer must inform us before returning the item for further instructions, the item must be returned to us in the same condition as received. You will receive a full refund, the costs for return shipping are for the buyer.

Do I need an export license?
An export license is required for archaeological objects and coins before they can shipped to any country outside the European Union. If this is the case we will inform the buyer of this, or you can send an enquiry before placing your order. A delay of 3-6 weeks can be expected before the item can be shipped. In order to keep this service free of charge there is a minimum order amount of € 250. In the unlikely case the licence is refused the buyer will receive a 100% refund; there will be no additional charges.

How can I search for specific items on your website ?
Besides browsing the main categories (catalogued by period) or using the themed pages there are different ways to find coins and artefacts on our website.
1. The search bar (below the logo on the top right side of each page).
2. Use the filters in the left menu. Here you can filter by price and other settings: period, material, category, country and Low Countries coins.
3. Extended search (top right menu, next to the shopping cart). Here you can search for a specific item you are looking for, specify a category which you can refine and enter a price range