Brabant, Antwerpen, AR 4-stuiver (Vlieger of Krabbelaar)1539

Karel V (1506-1555)

Brabant, Antwerpen, AR 4-stuiver (Vlieger of Krabbelaar)1539
Brabant, Antwerpen, AR 4-stuiver (Vlieger of Krabbelaar)1539
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Muntteken: handje (Antwerpen)

Voorzijde: Gekroonde dubbelkoppige adelaar.
Omschrift: KAROLVS D.G. RO.IMP.Z.HISP. REX.1539.
Keerzijde: Gekroond Bourgondisch wapen over Bourgondisch kruis.

Gewicht: 5,70 gram
Diameter: 31,4 mm

Mint mark: hand (Antwerp)

Obverse: Crowned doubleheaded eagle.
Reverse: Crowned Burgundian shield over Burgundian cross.

Charles V (Carlos I, Karel V, Charles Quint), 24 February 1500 – 21 September 1558) was ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 and, as Charles I, of the Spanish Empire from 1516 until 1556. In 1530 he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Clement VII, the last Emperor to receive a papal coronation.

The Low Countries were an important part of his Empire. The trade and many rich cities represented an important income for the treasury. During his reign a new supply of bullion came from the newly conquered territories in South America.

The minting of coins changed a lot during his reign. The use of portraits was (re)introduced under the influence of the Renaissance. The large supply of silver and new minting techniques allowed for larger sized coins to be minted. At the end of his reign a new German invention, the screw press was introduced to produce coins in large quantities and of even thickness.

Features and Specifications

Period Post-Medieval
Category Coins
Material Silver
Low Countries coins Brabant