Roman Empire, Caligula (37-41) Sestertius 'The Three Graces'

37-38 AD, Rome mint

Roman Empire, Caligula (37-41) Sestertius 'The Three Graces'
Roman Empire, Caligula (37-41) Sestertius 'The Three Graces'
Roman Empire, Caligula (37-41) Sestertius 'The Three Graces'
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Obverse: Laureate head left.
Reverse: The three sisters of Gaius Caligula standing facing; Agrippina (as Securitas) on the left, holding cornucopia and resting on column. Drusilla (as Concordia) in the middle, holding patera and cornucopia. Julia (as Fortuna) on the right, holding rudder and cornucopia.

Diameter: 34,8 mm
Weight: 27,2 g
RIC I 33; BMCRE 37, Cohen 4
The three sisters of Gaius Caligula are portrayed on the reverse as 'The Three Graces'. To consolidate his position and that of his family as the true heirs of Augustus Caesar, many of Caligula's family were commemorated on his coinage.

Drusilla is widely described as Caligula's favorite. After her death in 38 AD at the age of 22, Caligula was devastated and he went on to deify her, consecrating her with the title 'Panthea'.

Following a failed conspiracy to overthrow Caligula in 39 AD, Agrippina Minor and Julia Livilla were exiled to the Pontine Islands. After the murder of Caligula in 41 AD, his successor Emperor Claudius lifted the exile of both Agrippina and Julia Livilla. As a result of the intrigues of Empress Messalina (third wife of Claudius), Julia Livilla was charged of adultery with Seneca the Younger and was once again banished in 41 AD. In late 41 or early 42 AD Emperor Claudius ordered her execution, apparantly by starvation.

Empress Messalina was executed in 48 AD for conspiring with Gaius Silius to overthrow her husband. Agrippina was selected to be his fourth wife and they were married on New Year's Day in 49 AD. Her son Nero succeeded Claudius as Emperor of Rome in 54 AD. After a power struggle with her son Nero she was deprived of all honors and powers, her bodyguards were removed and she was forced out of the palace. In 59 AD she was executed on the orders of her son Nero.

Features and Specifications

Period Roman
Category Coins
Material AE (copper/bronze)
Country Roman Empire