Terms of Sale

By ordering from NumisAntica.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions.
All prices are in Euro.
The authenticity of the object listed in our online catalogue is guaranteed ancient and is described to the best of our knowledge at the time of research.
Description: We make no representations or warranties as to the completeness of the information provided in the description field. Information listed herein is to the best of our knowledge, and made through research, and other similar previously sold objects through us or other reputable ancient art sellers, and opinions of fellow professionals.
The purchase price payable by the buyer is the sum of the merchandise, shipping and any applicable insurance fees, payment fees and taxes. This does not include your country’s duties and taxes. The buyer is responsible for verification of his country's duties regulations. Please note that some countries have certain restrictions on the importation of antiquities. International buyers should check with their respective country if uncertain about importation laws.
An export license is required for the export of all antique objects to countries outside the European Union, this is not applicable for coins up to a value of Euro 50,000. NumisAntica will arrange for the required export licence only when a customer himself is located outside the European Union. This service is not transferable to a third party. To keep this service free of charge there is a minimum order amount of Euro 250.
In some countries the importation of certain objects is prohibited. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to familiarise himself with any required import license and/or requirements. NumisAntica has no responsibility concerning importing licenses and/or requirements.
NumisAntica is not liable for any denial of the required export or import licence or any delay in the obtaining of such license. If the export licence is denied NumisAntica will reimburse the buyer 100% of his/her payment; there will be no additional fees.

All items are unique and subject to prior sale and price change. In the event the ordered item is already sold or when multiple buyers place an order at the same time, we will have absolute discretion to determine the successful buyer. We shall have no liability whatsoever over any dispute. We reserve the right to reject any order.
We reserve the right to sell any object to buyers in person, at auctions or at fairs, or to withdraw any object from our online catalogue, and shall have no liability whatsoever for such withdrawal. We will do our best to keep the online catalogue up to date but cannot guarantee that the object has not previously been sold.
No object(s) may be shipped or removed from our premises until we have received the purchase price in full or specified terms and conditions as we, in our sole discretion have stated, have been satisfied.
Shipping prices may vary slightly. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the shipping rate listed in our online catalogue. If there is a change, we will notify the buyer before proceeding. We shall have no liability whatsoever for such dispute.
NumisAntica will refund full purchase price less postage and handling costs within 14 days of purchase if the buyer is not completely satisfied. The buyer must inform us before returning the item for further instructions, the item must be returned to us in the same condition as received.
NumisAntica provides an additional money back authenticity refund when an item has been misrepresented or is not as described. All claims must be filed within 2 months and must be accompanied with a written proof from a respectable dealer or museum curator. Payment charges of 5 % are included in the sale price and are not refundable.
All orders are shipped with the Dutch postal services (Post.nl). We are not responsible for delays occurred by postal services or custom officials. For further information, please see the terms and conditions offered by Post.nl or the courier provided.
As a convenience to buyers we accept orders via our online order form, email or telephone. We are not responsible for failing to process such order or for any omissions in connection therewith. In the event a buyer places an order before we execute it, the first processed order will be the successful buyer.

Unless otherwise agreed, all payment with bank transfer or PayPal must be completed within (14) fourteen days from the date of purchase, otherwise the order will be considered cancelled and the object(s) will be re-listed for sale in our online catalogue.

When an order is placed, the object becomes listed as 'Reserved', we keep the information and image live in our online catalogue or archive. However, upon receipt of full payment, the buyer may request the deletion of the complete listing within (30) thirty days.
For security reasons, we reserve the right to contact the buyer and request a signed authorization and a photocopy if a credit card is used via PayPal.
We reserve photographic re-publishing rights for all items sold by us.